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TUVA Hello Amigurumi Happy Childhood Days Pattern Book

Hello Amigurumi Happy Childhood Days

This is another stunning book packed full of lovely and original amigurumi toy patterns, created by nine talented amigurumi designers, hailing from various countries around the world.  A total of 19 patterns are included in this book packed with crochet goodness. 

Do you have fond childhood memories? Imagine those care-free days when technology was not a part of everyday life, games with friends were played outside until dark, and handmade toys brought joy to the kids. This book takes you back to the happy innocent days of youth. There are nineteen beautiful amigurumi designs to choose from, including Cowgirl (with her Hobby Horse), Granny and her Little Helper, Harley the Duckling, Riley the Ragdoll, Robot Boy, Winter Bear, and many more delightful dolls and toys to stimulate the imagination. 

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