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Wish I Were Stitching

Lessons Overview/ Booking and Cancellation Policy

Lessons Overview

In this Needlework journey, we share the joy of knitting and crocheting with anyone who has interest in the art of Needlework. Choose from our exploration classes to simple lesson packages to enjoy this journey and understand how each item is been crafted.

Exploration classes  These classes are 1 session of exploration of various techniques from knitting, crocheting and embroidery.

Guided Craft Lessons: Allows students to pick a project which can be completed and crafted into items. This journey will take students into understanding how to read pattern, choose correct yarn weight for their project and focus on techniques. The journey takes a couple of weeks to complete each individual items.  

Knitting/Crochet Assistance:This is a one-time drop-in session where students have tried by themselves on a pattern and meet with a stumble block /Or  in the event when students wish to understand deeper in each individual techniques

We always believe in assisting one crafter to be independent in the crafting process. The art of needlework is everlasting and there are so many techniques and pleasures in pattern reading in making up various items. Come join us in our lessons. See you around :)


Booking and Cancellation policy

Time is precious. When you book a lesson, we hold the time slot for you at the exclusion of other students. So we expect your thoughtfulness in return.
All lessons purchased are subject to the following rules.

  1. Do note that our lessons are run by time table, hence, we are unable to start earlier or later as there are other students around the time for other activities.
  2. Learners who don't turn up for a lesson will forfeit the lesson.
  3. If a learner is late, the lesson will still end at the original ending time.
  4. There will be no refund or replacement of lessons not taken for any reason.