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Wish I Were Stitching

Miadolla- Ben the Dino Sewing Kit

Ben the Dino lives in an amazingly beautiful dinosaur country, in the city of San Dinos. Ben loves chocolate more than anything in the world. And this is not by chance – after all, Ben's family owns a chocolate factory. Every day he and his dad the Big Dino make a lot of chocolate from fresh cacao beans. And then the finished chocolate bars are sent all round the world to let everyone enjoy their magical flavor.

This sewing Kit features various animals for your sewing pleasure with some embroidery techniques/know how required. 

The Kit includes:

  • Fabric/Linen
  • cotton threads and sewing threads
  • sewing pattern,
  • Buttons
  • sewing needle
  • detailed instruction with pictures,
  • Complete sizes ranges from 7cm to 15cm; depending on the animals

Excludes: Stuffing and tailor's chalk


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