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Wish I Were Stitching

Cosmo Smart Print Soluble Paper 28×20cm (2 sheets)

Smart Print Stickable Transfer Paper 2 Pieces Per Pack

Each Sheet is 11.2in x 8.1in. This stabilizer is extremely thin & pliable. It's transparent, so wonderful for tracing designs onto. The transfer paper sticks directly on fabrics, hence no need to re-transfer.
This is Suitable for any Embroider which requires to Transfers design work for Embroidery onto any cloth, jackets, clothing's, bags, shoes, etc.
After stitching, just soak in water and the canvas will disappear. Canvas is Water soluble.

Size: 11.2in x 8.1in
Use: Transfer Paper
Included: 2 sheets per pack

Made in Japan
Brand: Cosmo

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