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Wish I Were Stitching

Au Ver à Soie~ Soie D'alger specialty pack (6 pieces each pack)

Made by the same company since the late 1800s, Au Ver A Soie, in France.

Soie d'Alger Silk Embroidery thread remains one of the highest quality threads available today. Soie d'Alger is a stranded spun silk with 7 easily divisible plies. Soft, lustrous and smooth, it is made from a spun silk called "strusas" which gives it unrivaled regularity for hand embroidery. The thread is dyed in skeins to guarantee homogeneous color. It does not snarl or pill and has good tensile strength. 

Soie d'Alger is ideal for cross stitch, hand embroidery, tassel making, canvas work and more.
You will not regret adding a touch of this elegant thread to your embroidery work!

Material: 100% Silk Fibers (Made in France)
Thickness: 7-strands
Dimensions: Each Skein has 5.5 Yards (5 meters)

P/s: As photography may affect the true colours, we welcome you to our brink and mortar shop to see the real colours. 

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