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Fat of the Land Merino (500g)


Fat of the Land Merino (500g)
Fat of the Land Merino (500g) Fat of the Land Merino (500g)


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Fat of the Land merino yarn is gigantic big stitch yarn made of 100% finest merino wool. Yarn is spun in Finland. The wool originates from Falkland Islands which is one of the finest merino wools in the world. With this yarn you can create beautiful knits - from interior textiles to accessories. Fat of the Land Merino is super soft, luxurious and non-icthing - also suitable for babies and knits close to skin. This yarn is huge - the diameter of the yarn is about 3cm. Made in Finland

Needles: 35-45 mm (US 70-90)

Gauge: 10cm (4 inches) = 2,5 - 3 sts

Please note this is for 500g only

1kg of yarn equals about 50 meters (2,2lbs equals about 180 ft) and 100grams equals 5 meters (0,22 lbs equals 18 ft)

Washing: cold water, hand wash

Refer to colour chart as below: