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Wish I Were Stitching

TJOCKT Fat and Sassy Merino Wool

Fat&Sassy Merino yarn is super super bulky big stitch 100% merino yarn. Yarn is spun in Finland and it has the finest quality. This yarn is ideal for interior textiles and accessories - blankets, throws, shawls, scarfs, pillows and cushions - almost anywhere where soft and luxurious touch is required. This yarn is your choice if you are looking for super soft, luxurious and non-icthing wool.

Needles: 25-28mm (US 50)
Net Weight 250g or choose 500g

Gauge: 3sts = 10 cm (4 inches)

1kg of yarn equals about 100 meters (2,2lbs equals about 382 ft) and 100 grams equals 10 meters (0,22 lbs equals 38,2ft)

Washing: cold water, hand wash

Made in Finland

Please note for a Blanket, you required at least 3kg of Fat and Sassy Merino Wool

P/s: As this item is bulky, purchase of more than 1 piece cannot be fitted into a Singpost Smart Pac, hence shipping cost is additional.

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