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Guided Craft Project -Knit a Lacy Shawl

Skill Level: **Beginner-Intermediate
Suitable for Student, aged at least 18 years and above.

Student needs some Basic Knitting skills before starting this class. 
Please see here for basic class
In this class, we will learn how to Knit a Lacy Shawl

Learn these skills

  • How to read and understand the Knit Abbreviation forms.
  • How does lace knitting works?
  • Learn new lace knitting stitches like ssk, k2tog,skpo, etc
  • Use of stitch markers
  • How to Choose the appropriate Yarn for your project work.

At the end of this class, Student will complete and bring home a hand-knitted Shawl, set of stitch markers and a new pair of knitting needles.


Fee includes


Our Craft lessons are beginner's friendly and students are able to come as many time as they like (at their preferred day and time) to complete this piece of project. 

As many lessons as you need

This craft project includes as many lessons (of 1.5 hours each) as you need until you complete the project, as long as you make appointments in advance. Most students complete it in 3 to 5 sessions.

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