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Wish I Were Stitching

Lizzie*Kate A Pack of 3 Little Words Cross Stitch Chart

We're really excited to share our new Flip-it series! I was thinking about the New Year, and thought a little inspiration (not to be confused with resolutions!) would be perfect. I looked everywhere for little bits of only 3 words!

After I chose my favorites (the hard part!) I graphed them in groups of 2 sayings.
There are 7 different Flip-its in the series, so that's 14 little phrases. You may stitch them separately or all together, as you wish.

Stitch them all together or stitch them separately. Choose your favorites and create your own personalized inspirational stitchery!

    Please note this is ONLY the chart designs with buttons included.
    Stitching Cloth, Frames and Threads are sold separately. 

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