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Assistance in Knitting/Crocheting (1 session)


Assistance in Knitting/Crocheting (1 session)


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You Have some basic knittnig or crocheting skill and saw this lovely pattern online or from a library book but was taken aback by all the symbols and abbreviation.
You like to start the project and tried all the videos on you-tube but still not sure how to do it.

This session is for you then.

In this 1 hour x 1 session, our Craft teachers will help you to read the charts and symbols on your knitting or crocheting project. This is a 1-to-1 teaching session. And you will enjoy the divine attention from our passionate teachers. 

What to bring:
1) Please bring only English written pattern and not patterns written in other language.
2) Any materials which you have already purchased previously.
This class DOES NOT provide any material
Please leave a note on your prefer starting date and time at the check-out.
Our operation hours are: 
Tues-Fri (12pm-7pm), Sat-Sun (12pm-6pm); Closed on Mondays

Booking and Cancellation policy
1) Please Start the lesson within 2 weeks from booking and purchase of lesson packages

2) Any change of dates needs to be notify earlier. 
At least 48 hours before class date and time

3) As we run on an appointment basis, we are very strict with our lesson time table. Hence, there will be no postponement/replacement/refund allowed for any lesson missed regardless of whatsoever reasons. 

4) In any case of Class cancellation and NO Show to classes, please note that there is NO refund under such circumstances.