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Knit a Basic Sweater


$255.00 per person



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Skill Level: **Beginner-Intermediate Suitable for Student, aged at least 18 years and above. Student needs some Basic Knitting skills before starting this class. Please see here for basic class +++++++ Learn these skills: 1) How to read and understand the Knit Abbreviation forms. 2) Working with Straight and Circular knitting needles 3) Knitting stitches as required by this Project. 4) Taking Body Measurement and how to make a clothing to fit your body shape 5) What is the use of a guage? 6) How to complete the knitted work, neckband and armband 7) How to sew and assemble the Sweater How to Choose the appropriate Yarn for your project work. At the end of this class, Student will complete and bring home a piece of hand-made sweater. Fee includes Teaching Fee * 1.5 hour of 5 sessions (7.5hours in total) to complete this project Lessons valid for 3 months from start date, any unused sessions will be forfeited. Any additional lessons required will be an charge of $15/ hour -Please note this package fits a small size 32"-34" sweater (additional yarn price top up for larger sizes) 8ply acrylic yarn (colour) of your choice Clover Bamboo knitting needles Circular Knitting needles Darning Needle Pattern sheet Excludes: -Additional Session at $15 each time for this package for teaching fee 1 hour/session ======= Due to current Covid-19 Situation, we need to adhere to safe distance ruling. As our shop space is very small, we are unable to accept a group of students during this period. Thank you for your understanding.

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